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The Practice of Safety in the Performing Arts

An study into the aspects of physical, mental and legal safety and wellbeing for individual practitioners like actors, directors, facilitators and designers, among others, in their own practice or as part of a larger collective, in India.

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We work with India's leading corporates, schools, colleges, performers and institutions with tailor-made workshops to improve communication, foster team building, build safe spaces and create memorable experiences with theatre.

Some of our workshops include:

Storytelling with Theatre for Children (All ages)

Improv Theatre for Mental Wellness (Open to all)

Improv Theatre for Corporates & Working Professionals

Reducing Screen Fatigue with Improv Theatre 

Improv Theatre for Performers (Basic & Advanced)

Creating Safe Spaces (Open to all)

Storytelling for Businesses & Brands  

All our workshops are led by trained facilitators with clear takeaways. We can work with groups of all sizes, personalize the exercises as per the needs of your audience and conduct the session(s) online. We strive to create a positive experience for our partners.

We'd love to bring our practice to your institution.

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"It isn’t everyday that I leave a theatre feeling confused and guilty about my actions towards friends or loved ones experiencing mental health issues. Unravel made me feel exactly that."

Mohini Gupta, June 2019


Kaivalya Plays is an independent group of Delhi theatre practitioners who seek to create more opportunities for women in theatre, mentor new talent and innovate theatre formats. Since 2012, the team is led by Varoon P. Anand as its Artistic Director and supported by Gaurav Singh as Production Manager. 


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