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Indian Institute of Art and Design
Our collaboration with
Indian Institute of Art and Design



Collegiate spaces are the brewing centres for creative ideas and budding theatre artists. Kaivalya Plays got a chance to facilitate an improv theatre acting workshop at the Indian Institute of Art & Design (@iiad_design) on 8th August 2019. 

A fun-filled 4 hour #improv session packed with theatre games and improv exercises facilitated a beautiful exchange between the participants. By the virtue of improv, the facilitator was able to create a safe positive space where the participants not only engaged craftily, but also had a lot to take back as individuals. 

Shout-out to Vaibhavi Kowshik (@ivahbiav) for inviting us to take this session!

Here, at Kaivalya Plays, we offer various workshop modules with respect to different aspects of theatre for colleges and institution. If you'd like to bring us to your institution or office, just drop us an email at

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