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Cast & Crew

Open Space - Improv Jam
with Kaivalya Plays

Online: Every Month 2nd Wednesday, 7pm to 8pm IST
In-Person in Delhi: Every 2nd Thursday, 7pm to 8pm IST

Improv is a form of spontaneous storytelling where one uses suggestions from the audiences to create characters and scenes on the spot without a predetermined script.

At Kaivalya Plays' Open Space, we welcome everyone with a love for improv to play games, build scenes and tell stories together in a safe, no-pressure environment. 


Our Open Space jam series first began as an online-only program during the pandemic. Since May 2020, we've hosted over 150 online sessions, facilitated by over 20 global facilitators and attended by over 1400 individuals from over 20 countries!

The Open Space 'Delhi' series seeks to bring the same energy into an in-person gathering at our studio. You will be led by a jam facilitator who will introduce each game to you and meet like-minded folks from the Delhi NCR improv community. 


Whilst this is a free event, we invite you to support this and other free initiatives by Kaivalya Plays with a voluntary donation whilst purchasing your tickets or dropping a tip in our donation box.  

Watch a glimpse of our 'online' Open Space in this short video below:


Upcoming Dates

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