Hi. We are Kaivalya Plays.

Kaivalya Plays is a performing arts and production company led by Varoon P. Anand as its Artistic Director and Gaurav Singh Nijjer as General Manager. With its root in the cultural capital of India, New Delhi, the group has created innovative artistic experiences with a focus on community-building. Over the course of seven years, they have worked consistently, been very noisy, and built associations with the institutions all across India. The team has worked with many diplomatic institutions like the Embassy of Spain and Instituto Cervantes, Embassy of Argentina, Embassy of Ecuador, Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhawan in Delhi and Bangalore, among others, to produce cross-cultural theatre productions in English, Hindi, and Spanish which have been staged at festivals like Gender Bender, Old World Theatre Festival, Reconnect Theatre Festival, Short & Sweet Delhi, among others.


The team has also undertaken a slew of community-building initiatives through theatre training workshops, dramatized readings, installations, festivals, and more. Their artistic training is grounded in spontaneous improvisation, lying at the intersection of short-form improvisations (for performances and workshop) and applied improvisation (with a focus on mental health, business, education, training). Their improv group CueLess improv was one of Delhi's first improv teams and became the training ground for a generation of improv performers and heads of new teams. In late 2018, Kaivalya Plays created Unravel, an interactive theatre production produced under the Refunction theatre grant by the Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan. The play brings conversations about mental health to the fore, with the ensemble using improv theatre and audience suggestions to devise the final performance on the spot.


Kaivalya Plays also kick-started the Theatre Management Fellowship, a one-of-a-kind training program for strategic management and creative administration of theatre. They have also created Headspace, a national improv for mental wellness project. Over the last year, they have engaged over 2000+ audiences from India, Spain, Colombia, Germany, UK, US and more countries. They have worked with corporates like Atlan, IFFCO, Uber, Dalberg, Floh and more. Their work and associated projects have been featured in India Today, The Hindu, Indian Express, Financial Express among others.

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Varoon P. Anand

Artistic Director

Varoon P. Anand is Delhi’s most experienced Improv trainer and performer. Beginning his career under the guidance of Danielle Miles, of Fortetheatre UK, he co-founded Improv8 at Panama’s renowned Theatre Guild of Ancón in 2008.

In Delhi, Varoon began teaching Improv in 2012 through Kaivalya Plays, the theatre company he founded, and in 2014 formed CueLess Improv, the capital’s most prolific team of short-form improv performers. Varoon continued training in improv with many teachers including Saif Ali, of Batlahouse theatre, learning and collaborating from 2015-16. In 2018, in collaboration with the Goethe Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan and medical practitioners, Varoon created Unravel, an improv show about mental health that is in production and will shortly travel on a national tour. 

Along with being the Artistic Director of Kaivalya Plays, CueLess Improv, and El Clavileño (India’s only Spanish language theatre group). As of 2019, Varoon has trained more than 200 performers in spontaneous improvisation, facilitated workshops for over 500 people in improvisation for mental wellnesss and collaborated with institutions like Embassy of Spain, Embassy of Argentina, Embassy of Ecuador, Indian Habitat Centre, Little Theatre Group (LTG), Oddbird Theatre & Foundation amongst others. He continues to explore new ways to present and teach the techniques of improv, along with his other specialties.

Varoon is also a Spanish language teacher at the Instituto Cervantes Nueva Delhi and the voice for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Mann ki Baat in Spanish.

(E) varoon@kaivalyaplays.org / varoon.anand@gmail.com

Stuti Kanoongo

Communications Manager

Stuti is a lifestyle product and graphic designer, and is now focusing on a career in design management. She did her graduation in Fashion and Lifestyle Accessory Design from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai in 2018 and has been working in the design industry since.


Earlier this year, Stuti graduated from the inaugural batch of the Theatre Management Fellowship by Kaivalya Plays and joined the company as Communications Manager in September 2020.

At Kaivalya Plays, Stuti oversees strategy and execution of different communication channels, including social media, email marketing, audience development and branding. She relishes the art of photography and reading a lot when she’s by herself.

(E) stuti@kaivalyaplays.orgstutikanoongo21@gmail.com

Gaurav Singh

Production Manager, Performer

Gaurav Singh is an actor, director, marketing consultant and theatre manager based in New Delhi, India who has been working in theatre for the last 6 years.


He is the production manager at Kaivalya Plays, a Delhi-based independent theatre company known for their work in applied improvisation and adaption of foreign-language texts. 

Gaurav is also a performer and founding member of The Living Room Collective and El Clavileno, the latter being India’s only Spanish language theatre group. He also works at one of the oldest and most prominent cultural institutions in Delhi, the Little Theatre Group (LTG) Auditorium as a consultant, overseeing their marketing operations and curating programs for their new black box studio, The Blank Canvas.


His acting credits include Yasmine Reza’s Art, Manav Kaul’s Peele Scooter Waala Aadmi, Kristo Sagor’s Threesome Without Simone and Jorge Luis Borges’ Funes The Memorious, among other work in Hindi, English, and Spanish. He has previously directed plays like Badal Sircar’s Juloos and Footnotes, inspired by Yasmine Reza’s Art. He has performed at festivals like Old World Theatre Festival (2019), AlmagroOFF Classical Theatre Festival, Thespo (2017) and has received recognition at numerous educational institutions with the collegiate theatre society Fourth Wall Productions.

Gaurav is a marketing and communications consultant and currently works at Atlan, a data democratization company.


(E) gaurav@kaivalyaplays.org / gauravnijjer@gmail.com

Nuhar Bansal

Consulting Project Manager

Nuhar is a performing arts manager by profession and a lawyer by qualification. She rediscovered her passion for the theatre during law school and took the plunge into full-time theatre & arts management immediately after graduation. Since then, it has been a whirlwind of independent productions, stage management, and more.


Most recently, she managed events at The Courtyard which is a unique hub of art, culture, food, and community in the heart of Bangalore as well as served as Assistant Festival Manager at the Rangashankara Theatre Festival 2020. Earlier this year, Stuti graduated from the inaugural batch of the Theatre Management Fellowship by Kaivalya Plays and joined the company as Consulting Project Manager in October 2020.

At Kaivalya Plays, Nuhar is looking after the growth and wellbeing of different projects focused on applied theatre in the realms of mental wellness, education and development. 

(E) nuhar@kaivalyaplays.orgbansalnuhar@gmail.com


Amrit Goyal

Set Designer

Amrit is a developer of cultural art that fuses Latin American art forms with Indian traditional craft. Amrit currently works as a set designer with two production houses El Clavileño and Kaivalya Plays. Amrit also facilitates cultural and therapeutic art workshops with students, professionals and institutions.

Chris Sims

Actor, Director

Chris Sims is one of the founding members of Kaivalya Plays. His house in Defence Colony was the location of all our initial plans. Along with helping to name the company, Chris starred in Creamerica, Kaivalya Plays' award winning first short film. He lives in Nottingham where he is the Head of Global Policy Impact the University of Nottingham and stays active in the theatre community, directing Peter Shaffer's Equus for East Midlands Theatre in 2018.

Meet Karan Singh

Improviser, Faciltiator

Meet Karan is an advertising consultant with a degree in culinary arts, so he always has food for thought. He dabbles in Tarot and astrology along with Ayurveda while also maintaining a poetry page of his own on instagram. He has discovered his love for theatre with Kaivalya and year ago and now revels in the art of improv.

Shruti Garg

Actor, Trainee Dramatherapist

Shruti is a theatre artist and a Trainee in Drama and Movement Therapy from London University. She is part of an improv show - 'Unravel' which attempts to start a conversation around mental health. She is currently learning drama therapy by working in schools, rehabilitation centers, and hospitals.

Vidur Sehgal


Vidur Sehgal is an actor and student who is currently pursuing a degree in business economics at University of Delhi. He has been involved in the Delhi theatre circuit for the last 3 years, having worked in various capacities as an actor, sound designer and stage manager for Kaivalya Plays, El Clavileño, QTP Entertainment and Barefoot Theatre.

Anoop Gupta

Actor, Director

Anoop is a theatre practitioner based in New Delhi. He has acted in theatre productions with different theatre groups in Delhi. His interest of work lies in physical theatre and text-based narratives. He is interested in making devised solo theatre piece. His play "ऊपर वाला कमरा" was recently staged in New Delhi, India.

Dravya Chawla


Dravya is a business graduate and part-time actor interested in theatre, improvisation and linguistics pursuits. He currently works with El Clavileño - India's only spanish theatre group where he's acted in productions like "Cadaver Del Señor Garcia" & "Marta La Piadosa", and Kaivalya Plays, where he's acted in productions like "Funes El Memorioso" and "Unravel". 

Piyush Kumar

Actor, Director

Piyush Kumar is a theatre practitioner having 10 years of experience. He has worked in several productions with Barefoot, Crow, Kaivalya Plays's Unravel & CueLess Improv, Tadpole Repertory & Black Box's Woyzeck, where he played the lead character and received critical acclaim. His latest production as an actor was Tadpole’s Rakshas.

Sumedh Sachdev


Sumedh was the founding Secretary of Kaivalya Plays and has been very active in the Delhi theatre circuit, with commercial production houses and professional theatre ensembles. Sumedh was also the founding President of Natuve, the Dramatics Society of SBSC (M). He now leads a British fin-tech operation and continues to enjoy theatre and performing arts.

Arnav Roy


Arnav Roy is an actor based in New Delhi. He's been working for the last 4 years in the theatre with different forms and groups, investigating all the wonderful possibilities that theatre holds. He was previously a member of the Little Theatre Group's Repertory.

Khushbu Kumar


Khushbu is a part-time actor and assistant librarian at Instituto Cervantes Nueva Delhi. She currently works with El Clavileño - India's only Spanish theatre group and Kaivalya Plays, where she's acted in productions like "Funes El Memorioso" and "Unravel". 

Sanjana Chopra

Photographer, Film-maker

Sanjana is a photographer, film-maker and educationist. She has made multiple short films on education and grassroot-level school innovations, primarily with the Government of Delhi. Her photography cuts across genres and has been published on various platforms by CNN, The Hindu, The Indian Express, the UNHCR and the Government of Delhi.

Tariq Ahmad


Tariq Ahmad started his trials as an actor with El Clavileño's first production in 2018. The very year, he was welcomed into the family of Kaivalya Plays and refuses to leave thereafter. He has been a part of every Spanish production of Kaivalya Plays since then. He is also the co-founder of the official Kaivalya Plays signature pose.

Chiraag Soni


Chiraag is a mechanical and electronics engineer interested in theatre, improvisation and linguistics pursuits. Currently a Spanish language student, Chiraag is a performer in Kaivalya Plays' production 'Unravel', an improv show about mental health. Apart from theatre, Chiraag is also manages residential construction projects and an automobile business.

Manasi Chopra

Actor, Facilitator

Manasi is a theatre practitioner and actor, who is also trained in drama therapy. She has been involved in theatre since 2006 and has since worked as an actor and facilitator with various Delhi-based theatre companies, and schools.In her pursuit to take theatre to the masses she continues to conduct independent and collaborative workshops for both children and adults.

Shashank Sharma

Improviser, Facilitator

Shashank is a freelance content consultant and storyteller. Previously a Teach for India Fellow, he is the creator of the web-comic @cynyassy. He swears by tennis, hydration and improv theatre.

Vanshika Verma


Vanshika is an aspiring actor in love with the gritty world of theatre and a student who is currently pursuing a degree in Hons. English at University of Delhi. She currently works with Kaivalya Plays and El Clavileño - India’s only Spanish theatre group, and has acted in plays like “El cadaver del señor Garcia” and “Marta la piadosa” and and“ Funes el memorioso”