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Since 2012, we have collaborated with students and teachers across numerous schools in India and abroad to offer theatre-based training and programs based on their goals and objectives, including 21st Century Skills, Emotional Social Learning (ESL) curriculum, Foreign Language Learning, Mental Health & Wellbeing, among others.


From practical workshops and customized sessions to intensive training and curriculum development, as well as full-length theatre performances and showcase, we pride ourselves on our work with educational institutions and its impact on our artistic practice.


We offer both in-person, live programs for schools in India and digital / online programs for schools outside India. All our programs are led by experienced drama facilitators and practitioners trained to work with children and young adults. 

Our Past Collaborations

What We Offer

21st Century Skills & ESL Training with Theatre

Introduce 21st century skills and emotional, social learning (ESL) curriculum through theatre-based programs, workshops and activities that allow your students to interact and engage on a deeper level.

Life Skills Training

Strengthen communications, collaboration, conflict-resolution and other life skills for your students through drama-based workshops and programs.

Theatre & Drama Staffing

Find trained facilitators and educators for your drama and performance faculty from our extensive pool of in-house facilitators and freelance network.

Theatre Performance & Showcase

Hire us to lead a production-oriented training program with your students that culminates in a full-length theatre performance suited for showcase in school functions (eg. Founder's Day, Independence Day etc) and holiday seasons.

Language Learning with Theatre

Enhance your ongoing language learning classes through our unique Theatre for Languages program that blends theatre games and activities with language learning modules. We currently offer this program for Spanish, Hindi, English and Punjabi language classes.

Online Classroom Training

Upskill your teaching faculty to set up, use and leverage online teaching tools and softwares for your school's digital / hybrid classrooms. We also offer online games and theatre-based training for higher engagement in digital / hybrid classrooms.

Theatre & Drama Training

Develop acting, direction, production and other essential theatre and drama skills in your students through our customized programs and training that focus on practical, hands-on learning of the artform.

Theatre in Education Training

Bring goverment recognized Theatre-In-Education (TIE) training to your staff members and school curriculum by partnering with us.

Leadership & Personality Development

Enhance your students leadership, development and personality skills through practical, interactive sessions that combine facilitator-led training and intriguing gameplay with real-life situations.

Teacher Training

Introduce theatre-based training and games for your faculty members focused on your institution's goals, such as increasing inter-staff collaboration, strengthening communication and even leverage theatre pedagogy for the classroom.

Theatre & Mental Health

Kickstart conversations around mental health and wellbeing amongst students through our unique, interactive theatre workshops that provide a safe, no-pressure environment.


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What Our Partners Say

I am very pleased to recommend Kaivalya Plays with whom I started working last year. I have been doing community-engaged programs in my Hindi classes where I invite guest speakers and experts of culture and art to enhance students’ understanding of culture and language. TheThe sessions by Kaivalya Plays focused on promoting creativity and encouraging students to spontaneously express themselves while not feeling any pressure. They were not being judged when they made mistakes. The interactive exercises and fun activities were at the center of these sessions. These activities allowed my students to build confidence and express their ideas. The best part was team spirit when they created a story in a group and proudly shared it with the entire class.

Dr. Kusum Knapczyk

Hindi Lecturer

Duke University

My teaching experiences with Kaivalya Plays have encouraged me to investigate the impact of improv on learners more systematically. With support from Vanderbilt’s Educational Advancement Fund grant, Kaivalya Plays and I are working together to investigate the impact of improv on language learning, intellectual risk taking, and overall learner well-being in my elementary and advanced courses. One cannot find a team more dedicated, knowledgeable, and professional than Kaivalya Plays to bring those goals to life.

Divya Chaudhry

Senior Lecturer in Hindi / Urdu

Vanderbilt University

Kaivalya Plays has seamlessly incorporated the theatre with the field of mental health. The program fits beautifully in the school mental health model recommended by the World Health Organization. A fun, contemporary and experiential way of carrying out the wellness and preventive work.

Rajni Khanduja

Head of Mental Health Department

St. Mary's School New Delhi

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