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In October 2019, We had an absolute blast conducting an advanced improvisation workshop for student members of The Comic Relief - Ashoka University's very own troupe of improvisers!

We started off with an introduction to our safe spaces practice and delved deeper into exploring concepts of Acceptance, Spontaneity and Location based on the principles of Viola Spolin, Keith Johnstone and Kaivalya Plays' own improvisation practice. It was heartening to see how each performer responded to the training, each in their own unique way, by walking through specific concepts and building scenes deeply rooted in the principles of improvisation.

We'd like to thank the entire team at The Comic Relief for inviting us and being such a lovely audience. Hoping we'll be back very soon.

P.S. If you'd like to invite us to your college dramatics society for a workshop — acting, physical theatre, stage production, direction, improvisation — get in touch with us at

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