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How To Disappear Completely and Never be Found

A Digital Play by Kaivalya Plays

About The Play

When Charlie, a young executive, reaches breaking point and decides to disappear, he begins a nightmarish journey to the edge of existence that sees him stripped of everything that made him who he was.

When Kaivalya Plays' adaptation of Fin Kennedy's play had to be postponed indefinitely due to the Covid-19 lockdown, the team came together and decided to adapt the production into a first of its kind online performance. The following was recorded over sessions on Zoom in an attempt to stage a live performance. The story of an advertising executive who starts unravelling after the death of his mother, the story explores the identity and the vanishing of it as we vanish into our own seclusion, a pertinent lesson for the times. We hope you enjoy the show!

Cast & Crew

Written by Fin Kennedy | Directed by Varoon P. Anand


Performed by Abhinav Kaushal, Arnav Roy, Deepriya Nagi, Dravya Chawla, Khushbu Sangar
Raghav Seth, Riddhi Aggarwal, Ramita Menon, Vanshika Verma, Vidur Sehgal, Varoon P. Anand

Props managed by Chiraag Soni

Special thanks to Chris Sims, Dravya Chawla, Tariq Ahmad, Mayukh Tikadar

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