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Since 2012, we have delivered high-quality and practical arts-based training to businesses in India and abroad. From practical workshops and customised training programs in line with your business goals to engaging theatre performances and shows based on larger themes, we pride ourselves on bringing theatre and drama into the workplace and offering up unique, creative experiences for your staff.

Much of our work is based on principles of improvisational theatre (or improv, as most know it) which requires little to no prior preparation, relies on fun and interactive drama games and is accessible to all – cutting across languages, geographies, professional and life experience – offering a safe and fun environment for individuals to notice their thoughts, emotions, behaviours and capabilities.

We offer both in-person, live programs for organizations in India and digital / online programs for those outside India. We are just as comfortable in a room as we are on a Zoom screen. All our programs are led by experienced facilitators and practitioners who not only have sizeable experience in the arts, but also have prior business experience themselves. Our programs have clear takeaways and tie-ins to your business objectives, making it easier for participants to relate this experience to their professional life.

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What We Offer

Improv for Corporates

Bring the power of improv theatre to your workplace and team members. Build communication skills, foster team-building and create goal-oriented practices.

Theatre for Communication Training

Elevate communication within your team with theater techniques that enhance verbal and nonverbal interactions. This module offers exercises focused on active listening, empathy, and clear expression, resulting in improved communication and stronger professional relationships.

Live Theatre Performance

Immerse your employees in the world of live theater with captivating performances that provoke thought and emotion. This module offers a curated selection of theater productions that encourage reflection, discussions, and a shared appreciation for the arts.

Company Retreat Activities & Programs

Make your company retreat memorable and impactful with theater-inspired activities. From team-building workshops to creative problem-solving games, this module offers a diverse range of engaging activities that foster collaboration, communication, and personal growth in a fun and dynamic setting.

Theatre for Business Training

Bring the power of improv theatre to your workplace and team members. Build communication skills, foster team-building and create goal-oriented practices through fun, interactive drama games and sessions.

Rapid Decision-Making in Startup Environments

Improve decision-making speed and quality in startups using theater-inspired simulations. This module guides startups in making rapid yet informed decisions, prioritizing action, and adapting strategies to evolving market conditions.

Design Thinking and Customer-Centric Innovation

Apply design thinking principles to startup innovation. This module combines theater-based techniques with design thinking frameworks, guiding startups in empathizing with customers, ideating solutions, and prototyping innovations.

Team Building and Collaboration in Startups

Build strong startup teams through theater-based team-building activities. This module enhances communication, trust, and collaboration, enabling startup members to work cohesively and achieve collective goals.

Resilient Leadership in a VUCA World

Develop resilient leadership in volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) environments. Senior leaders will explore theater methods to manage stress, adapt to change, and lead with agility in dynamic business landscapes.

Innovation and Creativity for Senior Leaders

Foster innovation at the senior management level through theater-infused creativity exercises. This module encourages senior leaders to challenge assumptions, embrace risk-taking, and lead their teams in cultivating a culture of innovation.

Crisis Management and Decision-Making

Hone crisis management and decision-making skills using theater-inspired simulations. This module immerses senior leaders in realistic crisis scenarios, guiding them to make effective decisions under pressure while maintaining clear communication.

Strategic Leadership Through Storytelling

Develop strategic leadership skills through the art of storytelling. This module guides CXOs and senior managers in crafting narratives that inspire vision, influence stakeholders, and drive organizational direction.

Empowering Women's Leadership Through Drama

Empower women leaders using drama techniques. This module addresses gender-related challenges, promotes assertive communication, and helps women leaders build a confident leadership presence.

Conflict Transformation Through Drama

Transform conflicts into opportunities for growth using drama-based techniques. This module guides participants through conflict exploration, perspective-taking, and resolution strategies through creative engagement.

Emotional Intelligence and Role Play

Develop emotional intelligence through role-playing scenarios. This module uses theater to help participants understand emotions, manage interpersonal dynamics, and foster empathetic communication.

Stress Management and Resilience Building

Foster resilience and well-being with theater-infused stress management training. This module combines mindfulness, expressive arts, and stress reduction techniques, providing participants with tools to manage stress, enhance emotional wellness, and maintain peak performance.

Change Management and Adaptability Training

Navigate change and uncertainty through theater-based adaptability training. This module incorporates role-playing and improvisation to help teams embrace change, build resilience, and develop strategies for effectively managing transitions within the organization.

Customer-Centric Communication Training

Elevate customer service excellence with theater-infused communication training. This module equips participants with techniques to actively listen, empathize, and effectively engage with customers, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and stronger client relationships.

Mental Health & Wellness Sessions

Prioritize your employees' mental health and well-being with theater-infused wellness sessions. This module combines mindfulness, self-expression, and theater techniques to provide a holistic approach to stress reduction, emotional awareness, and overall mental wellness.

Theatre for Collaboration Training

Enhance teamwork and collaboration within your organization through theater-inspired activities. This module offers experiential exercises that develop trust, communication, and problem-solving skills, leading to improved cooperation and more effective cross-functional collaboration.

Live Comedy Performance

Elevate your corporate events with live comedy performances that entertain and uplift your employees. This module brings professional comedians to deliver hilarious and engaging shows, promoting laughter, stress relief, and positive interactions among colleagues.

Scriptwriting & Creative Strategy

Tap into the power of storytelling with this module that delves into scriptwriting and creative strategy. Participants will learn the art of crafting compelling narratives, honing their writing skills, and applying creative thinking techniques to develop innovative strategies for various business objectives.

Creative Leadership Development

Elevate leadership skills through creative expression and self-discovery. This module combines theater activities with leadership concepts, encouraging participants to explore their leadership styles, improve decision-making, and inspire their teams with authenticity and creativity.

Startup Sales Acceleration Through Improv

Accelerate startup sales with improv techniques. This module helps startup sales teams refine their communication, adapt to prospect interactions, and build rapport to effectively close deals in a dynamic marketplace.

Startup Leadership Through Storytelling

Develop startup leadership through storytelling techniques. This module empowers founders and startup leaders to articulate their vision, inspire teams, and align stakeholders using the power of narrative.

Pitch Perfect: Effective Investor Presentations

Elevate investor presentations with theater-inspired communication skills. This module helps startups craft compelling pitches, deliver impactful messages, and engage investors using techniques from the world of theater.

Negotiation Mastery for Senior Executives

Master negotiation skills at the senior executive level using theater-based techniques. This module combines role-playing, improvisation, and strategic communication strategies to enhance negotiation effectiveness and outcomes.

Authentic Networking and Relationship Building

Develop authentic networking skills for senior leaders. Through theater-infused activities, participants will enhance their ability to build meaningful connections, foster relationships, and leverage their networks for strategic opportunities.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Elevate leadership effectiveness through emotional intelligence. CXOs and senior managers will explore theater-based techniques to cultivate self-awareness, empathy, and authentic connections, fostering a positive and supportive leadership culture.

Personal Growth and Self-Expression

Nurture personal growth and self-expression through theater-inspired activities. Participants will explore self-awareness, self-confidence, and emotional expression in a supportive and creative environment.

Unleashing Creativity Through Improv

Ignite team creativity with improv-based exercises that encourage brainstorming, idea sharing, and collaborative innovation. This module helps participants tap into their creative potential and embrace a culture of innovation.

Mindful Communication in Virtual Teams

Navigate virtual team dynamics with mindfulness and theater-based communication. Learn techniques to stay present, connect with team members across distances, and enhance collaboration in remote work settings.

Creative Problem-Solving Through Improv

Boost problem-solving skills using improvisational theater techniques. Encourage participants to think on their feet, adapt to new challenges, and collaborate creatively to find innovative solutions.

Presentation Confidence and Impact

Elevate presentation skills using theater techniques that captivate and engage audiences. This module offers strategies for confident delivery, dynamic storytelling, and audience interaction, empowering participants to leave a lasting impact in their presentations.

Executive Presence and Personal Branding

Cultivate executive presence and personal branding using theater-inspired strategies. This module combines theater techniques with leadership development, helping participants project confidence, authenticity, and impactful communication in high-stakes professional settings.

Innovative Problem-Solving Workshops

Enhance problem-solving skills with theater techniques that promote innovative thinking. This module offers interactive workshops that challenge participants to approach problems from different angles, encouraging out-of-the-box solutions and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Improv for Business Training

Unleash the power of improvisation to enhance creativity, adaptability, and quick thinking in your team. This module provides improv-based exercises that encourage spontaneity, risk-taking, and collaborative problem-solving, leading to improved innovation and agile thinking.

Burnout & Fatigue Training

Combat workplace burnout and fatigue with a module that blends theater techniques with wellness strategies. Participants will engage in activities that promote stress management, self-care, and emotional well-being, helping them navigate challenges and achieve a healthier work-life balance.

Theatre for Diversity & Inclusion Training

Foster a culture of diversity and inclusion within your organization through theater-based training. This workshop uses role-playing, interactive scenarios, and facilitated discussions to promote understanding, empathy, and effective communication among employees from diverse backgrounds.

Employee Engagement Activities

Engage your employees through interactive theater-based activities that foster team bonding, creativity, and open communication. This module offers a variety of engaging exercises and games designed to enhance employee connections, boost morale, and create a positive work atmosphere.

Startup Culture and Communication

Shape a vibrant startup culture using theater-based communication. This module focuses on transparent communication, fostering open dialogue, and promoting a shared sense of purpose among startup team members.

Building Resilience and Navigating Uncertainty

Cultivate resilience in startups using theater-infused strategies. This module equips startup teams to manage uncertainty, cope with setbacks, and maintain a positive mindset as they navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship.

Agile Problem-Solving and Adaptability

Enhance startup problem-solving with agile techniques inspired by theater. This module encourages rapid adaptation, creative thinking, and collaborative problem-solving in fast-paced startup environments.

Entrepreneurial Mindset and Creativity

Foster an entrepreneurial mindset and cultivate creativity among startup teams. This module integrates theater techniques to encourage innovative thinking, risk-taking, and adapting to change in a dynamic startup environment.

Ethical Leadership and Values Alignment

Cultivate ethical leadership by aligning values with actions. This module uses theater techniques to explore ethical dilemmas, foster introspection, and guide senior leaders in making principled decisions that shape organizational culture.

Transformative Change Leadership

Navigate transformative change as a senior leader with theater-based leadership strategies. This module equips participants to inspire, engage, and lead teams through change, leveraging theater techniques for effective communication and alignment.

Executive Presence and Impactful Communication

Enhance executive presence and communication effectiveness. This module focuses on nonverbal cues, vocal modulation, and confident delivery, helping senior leaders command attention and convey gravitas in high-stakes scenarios.

Conflict Transformation Through Drama

Transform conflicts into opportunities for growth using drama-based techniques. This module guides participants through conflict exploration, perspective-taking, and resolution strategies through creative engagement.

Resilience and Adaptability in Change

Build resilience and adaptability through theater-inspired approaches to managing change. Participants will explore the emotional journey of change, develop coping strategies, and foster a mindset of flexibility.

Authentic Leadership Communication

Enhance leadership communication by integrating authentic storytelling and theater techniques. This module focuses on delivering impactful messages with authenticity, resonance, and meaningful connections.

Team Building and Bonding Retreats

Strengthen team cohesion and collaboration with theater-inspired retreats. This module offers a blend of creative team-building activities, improvisation exercises, and reflective sessions that foster trust, communication, and camaraderie among team members.

Cultural Sensitivity and Global Communication

Develop cultural sensitivity and effective global communication skills using theater methods. This module focuses on cross-cultural interactions, enhancing participants' ability to communicate respectfully and work harmoniously with colleagues, clients, and partners from diverse backgrounds.

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Develop negotiation and conflict resolution skills through theater techniques. This module provides a dynamic learning experience where participants practice assertiveness, compromise, and effective communication, enabling them to navigate challenging situations with confidence.


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Training Modules

You can explore and choose one of our existing modules for training, combine two or more for a multi-pronged focus or get in touch for a customized module.

Advanced Communication

The trainer wil guide participants to find their voice, articulate their own thoughts in a suitable way, acknowledge the presence of their team members in everyday settings and finding simple, direct and effective ways to communicate with them. The participants will also learn how to distinguish and tailor how they communicate with different people by making small, subtle changes.

Energy, Focus & Teamwork

We focus on three key components: Energy, Focus, and Teamwork. The workshop is structured into various games with the intention of first getting people into a comfortable space expressing themselves in a group. From there, once the group is at ease with each other, we start a process of fostering spontaneity. The main takeaways are improved communication, both inter-personal, within a team, and individual; improved public speaking, the participant should feel more comfortable vocalizing their ideas into clear and effective statements; and (in a corporate workshop) increased productivity generated by a resulting increase in energy and focus into the details of one's work.

Goal Setting

The trainer will focus on participants being able to set specific goals and make a concentrated, focused effort to reach them, both individually as well as in a group. Participants will also be supported to overcome certain restrictions / conflicts, make specific, critical choices and approach decision-making in a measured, yet, uncomplicated way

Respecting Restrictions

The trainer will introduce some restrictions oriented exercises to highlight how improv can be done (and enjoyed) even with certain restrictions imposed on the performer. The idea would be to juxtapose these principles of improv with real-life situations that the participants go through, in the hope they’re able to draw a parallel between the two.


The trainer will guide participants to become aware of their self and any preconceived notions / weight they are bringing into the workspace. Participants will learn to acknowledge, appreciate and accept their colleagues with whatever preconceived notions / weight they bring into the workspace. Participants will also discover tools to acknowledge that they are going through something and if yes, finding effective tools to self-regulate and manage their anxieties.

Trust & Team-Building

The primary focus of this session will be building trust, confidence, and compassion in the group towards each other. All activities will reinforce the idea of taking care of each other, the performers, in different scenes, games and how these principles can be applied to real-life by not only being self-aware but also aware of those around us. Partner based scene-work will be a focus.

Being In The Moment

The trainer will introduce games and exercises to build focus of participants and urge them to concentrate on what's happening in the present, in the space, right there and right then. The trainer will explore with the group ideas around how we postpone our happiness to specific moments in time, and by not thinking and focusing just on the moment, they can overcome such inhibitions.


This is a train-the-trainers workshop where the facilitator will build capacity in other individuals to conduct an Improv for Wellness workshop in their own communities and teams.The first half of the workshop will focus on building principles of effective facilitation based on the teaching methods of React UK, Theatre Of The Oppressed (Augusto Boal) and USAID. The second part of the workshop will focus on building strength in the principles of spontaneous improvisation and its connections to mental wellness.

No Judgement

The trainer will lead the participants on how to create a non judgemental space for each other. Furthermore, the ideas of not judging what someone says in the moment (either in rehearsal or in the show) will be highlighted.

Safe Spaces

The trainer will share tools and facilities with the participants to introduce and create non-judgmental spaces in their own settings, be it a corporate environment, a theatre environment or simply for their own self in their personal lives


The trainer will guide participants to recognize the small judgments we bring into our everyday lives. The participants will explore how to build a no judgement space for themselves and for those around them, through a series of games and activities that focus on removing inhibition and self-doubt, building empathy and compassion and strengthening self-awareness.

Conflict Resolution

This module focuses on the use of improv theatre games and exercises as effective tools for recognizing problems, managing confrontations and overcoming conflicts with a small or a large group. The trainers will outline tools and methodologies the participants can use to effectively express their opinions, build a circle of trust and security and work together to resolve a conflict.

Fear Of Failure

The trainer will introduce concepts of failure and fear to the participants, juxtaposing it with everyday fears and anxiety that one faces at home, the workplace or in other social contexts. The trainer will seek to highlight how in improv, there is no failure or mistakes but only opportunities for something new. Ideas of embracing failure, self-awareness and being mindful about what is “success” will be of prime focus here.

Prevent Burnout

This module focuses on helping participants take a step back, let go of the stress they're carrying and rejuvenate their mind and body through fun games and exercises. Each participant will be led through a journey of self-exploration where they first discover and acknowledge any stress, tension and anxieties they are carrying. They'll be then asked to embrace these anxieties and build a positive relationship with them where they have greater control over it. Lastly, the trainer will show participants effective ways to deal and manage with these anxieties in their personal spaces and communities.

Saying Yes

The trainer will lead the participants through the golden rule of improv “Saying Yes… And” with specific games, exercises and activities to bring out the inherent “no buts” we’re used to hearing in life. The trainer will explore principles of acknowledgement, acceptance and appreciation that comes with saying yes.

Taking Care

The primary focus of this session will be building trust, confidence and compassion in the group towards each other. All activities will reinforce the idea of taking care of each other, the performers, in different scenes, games and how these principles can be applied to real-life by not only being self-aware but also aware of those around us. Partner based scene-work will be a focus.

What Our Partners Say

There was a noticeable difference in how I processed myself around personal as well as professional habitats. I was more aware of my surroundings, acknowledged feedback and started to voice out my opinion to peers.

This workshop paved the way not only for the dialect surrounding my daily routine but also gave a nuanced break to my pent up creative energies.

Even though the workshop could not be finished in its entirety before the lockdown, folks at Kaivalya Plays made sure we were in the game by organising Mental Health workshops, Improv spaces and regular classes on the weekends.

Aditi Jain

Account Manager


Another experiment we just did at Walmart Global Tech India was an improv theatre workshop! Anchored by Kaivalya Plays, various actors engaged nearly 400 participants virtually into a fun, yet serious, discussion on what mental health really means at work and what we can do to support each other.

Sudeep Ralhan

VP, People

Walmart India

It was a fun session! In a virtual setup it is very tough to keep people engaged, but you guys have done it with so much of ease. We thoroughly enjoyed the session last evening.

Utsav Kumar

Talent Team

Eko India


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