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New Indian Express: Taking a Cue To Improve Collaboration

We're delighted to share that we got featured in today's edition of The New Indian Express, in a piece that explores arts-based training for businesses.

Speaking to Anjani Chadha, our General Manager Gaurav Singh talks about the use of improvisational theatre as a training tool and the accessibility it offers, as well as its wide-ranging applications for business. Also featured is the account of Akshat Khot, a member of our community who'd invited us to conduct a theatre for mental health workshop at his former workplace during the 2021 lockdown.

You can read the full article at the New Indian Express website or download a PDF version instead.

Download PDF • 1.41MB

Many thanks to Anjani for bringing attention to our work in this domain and helping us build a stronger case for the arts in corporate environments!

We've just added a new page on our website that talks about our work with businesses and corporate organisations! Check it out at

If you'd like to bring us to your organisation, get in touch with us at or message +91 9818925599


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