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India Today: Improv For Mind's Sake

We're delighted to share that India Today has featured Headspace, our ongoing improv for wellness program in collaboration with Oddbird Theatre & Foundation, and our intent to provide emotional support through these turbulent times to those stuck in quarantine.

Here is a short excerpt from the article:


The Coronavirus pandemic that has taken the world by storm has majorly affected mental health. With people being locked down in their own homes, they are struggling to find a balance and reasons to smile everyday. This is where Kaivalya Plays and Oddbird Theatre & Foundation have come into the picture, with their initiative Headspace. The ongoing series of workshops, jams, and sessions focuses on the idea of safety, consent and acceptance through improvisation. These series are now being conducted online to reach maximum people in these unprecedented times.

Varoon P Anand, artistic director, Kaivalya Plays says, "The series will explore therapeutic effects of improv on everyday anxiety to facilitate mental wellness through games, exercises and activities. The intent is to create a safe space for performers and audiences alike to address (and articulate) their own experiences with mental health."


Thank you Rewati for helping us spread the word and having our back always.

Read the full article on the India Today website here.


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