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Meet The India Improv Ensemble (Season 1)

About Kaivalya Plays


Kaivalya Plays is a Delhi-based collective of independent theatre practitioners led by Varoon P. Anand as its Artistic Director and Gaurav Singh Nijjer as Production Manager. 


Registered in New Delhi as a society since 2013, Kaivalya Plays has strived to increase the presence of women in theatre, mentor new talent and design innovative experiences for spectators. Over the course of six years, they have worked consistently, been very noisy, and built associations with the institutions all across India. 


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Cast & Crew

India Improv Sxene

by Kaivalya Plays

Season 1 is currently underway.

Tune in on our Facebook Page
every Thursday from 7PM IST onwards.

India Improv Sxene is a new initiative by Kaivalya Plays that celebrates the Indian improvisational theatre community and give a platform for global Indian improvisers to learn, grow and experiment.


Each week, India Improv Sxene will feature a guest show by the Indian improv community and a show by a brand new in-house improv ensemble streamed live for the world!

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