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In March 2021, we offered our first hybrid theatre workshop as part of a larger engagement campaign with team members at Dharohar, an Udaipur-based nonprofit.

Dharohar runs structured volunteering programmes for local businesses so their employees can develop key professional skills whilst helping young people develop the skills and mindsets they need to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

With Kaivalya Plays, they are exploring the use of improvisational theatre games and exercises to enhance communication, collaboration and callibration within their in-house team members. This hybrid theatre workshop is one of the four sessions in total that we are doing with them, each focussed on a specific goal like team-building, empathy, problem-solving and others.

Thank you for having us over team @dharohar_udr @thirdspacemini @doodledwisdom

If you'd like us to come to your organisation withba workshop, please get in touch with us at

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