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The Print: ‘Lovechild of theatre, comedy’—improv is where India’s young adults come out to play

Our work in improvisational theatre got featured in this wide-ranging article for The Print by Yashika Singla, which explores the growing improv landscape in the country.

Featuring accounts by our Artistic Director Varoon P. Anand and our General Manager Gaurav Singh, we're thrilled to be mentioned alongside our wonderful friends and collaborators like Nautankibaaz Improv Comedy, Adamant Eves, Aaryan Kadri and Anshu Daga. The article also makes special mention of our work in improv for mental health, our work with doctors during the pandemic and some of the games we play.

Read the full article on The Print website or download a PDF copy below.

The Print 'Lovechild of theatre, comedy'—improv is where India's young adults come out to
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