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Khalsa College, Delhi University
Our collaboration with
Khalsa College, Delhi University



In August 2019, Kaivalya Plays conducted a two-day workshop for student members of Ankur (@ankursgtbkhalsa) the dramatics society of SGTB Khalsa College, University of Delhi.

The workshop, led by Varoon P. Anand, explored the basics of improvisation through fun games, theatre activities and specific exercises on the first day. Over the course of few hours, their members learned how to say "yes" and share the joy of improvisation with each other. On day 2, the focus shifted to improvisation for acting and scene-building, with students learning how to endow in scenes, take care of their co-actor and work together.

This was our first workshop with a collegiate dramatics society after a long while. If you'd like to invite us to your college or institution to conduct a workshop (acting, directing, staging, improvisation) get in touch with us at

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