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Vanderbilt University


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Since August 2020, Kaivalya Plays has been collaborating with Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee to facilitate Improv In Hindi sessions for the Hindi-Urdu Program under the guidance of Dr. Divya Chaudhary.

 Responding to student interest in South Asian languages and culture, Vanderbilt's Asian Studies Department launched the Hindi-Urdu program in 2016. The program currently offers courses in Hindi-Urdu and Sanskrit. The sessions by Kaivalya Plays focus on fostering creativity and encouraging students to express themselves naturally while taking away the pressure to constantly be right. Improvisation for language education is a primary focus area for Kaivalya Plays and earlier this month we concluded our second semester with Vanderbilt. We are currently the only theatre team in the world that offers a monthly space to play improv games in Spanish, English, Hindi and Punjabi. We thank Dr. Divya Chaudhary for the support and confidence in bringing improv to classrooms and all the lovely students who made staying up late in India to play games a huge pleasure!

About our language programmes: Kaivalya Play's Improv for Languages series is focused on the use of improvisational theatre (aka improv!) as a language learning tool. With quirky games, interactive exercises and fun activities at its core, this workshop allows participants to build confidence, express ideas and work with others in a language they are learning. With structured gameplay and takeaways, we explore how listening, speaking, writing and comprehending a new language can be a fun, no-pressure group experience. 

If you want to get in touch or facilitate workshops for your language students, get in touch with the and let’s talk

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