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Shiv Nadar School
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Shiv Nadar School


Workshop, Theatre in Education

Tell a child to imagine a tree in front of them and you'd find they have already built a forest! Children see magic because they look for it. With theatre, it becomes even more magical ✨

In October 2019, we had an absolutely fantastic time facilitating an Improv for Wellness workshop for students at Shiv Nadar School Noida (@shivnadarschool) at Kaafila, their very first integrated Arts Festival. 

We saw participation from over 70 highly enthusiastic (and dangerously curious!) students, who were not only intrigued by the world of improv theatre, but also engaged by conversations around safety, mental health and how it's okay to take time for oneself. Over the course of two hours, we played improv games, a few exercises and had a lot of fun.

We'd like to thank the entire faculty at Shiv Nadar School for their warm hospitality and trust. A huge shout-out to Neel Sengupta who invited us and supported us right form the get-go. 

If you'd like to invite us to your school, college or institution for a workshop or a collaboration, write to us on

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