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In March 2021, Kaivalya Plays collaborated with the Nursery Theatre UK to present an immersive interactive murder mystery titled "Murder at the Paddington Tavern" online. The piece was produced for this year's Chevening scholars and attended by over 60 participants.

All participants were divided into teams to solve clues to unmask the killer of an international tycoon. Performed by Dan Starkey, Ali James, Monica Gaga and performed, written and directed by Jonah Fazel and Varoon P. Anand. The show also included additional writing, tech direction, stage production and produced by Gaurav Singh.

Kaivalya Plays wishes to thank the Chevening scholars program, the Nursery Theatre and all the participants for creating a remarkably original piece during the lockdown in the UK. We wish all the people in the United Kingdom as they begin re-opening.

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