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Un Hombre
Muerto a Puntapies

Pablo Palacio's famous short story re-imagined for the stage.

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A detective story, "Un Hombre Muerto a Puntapies" (In English: A Man Kicked To Death" was published in 1927 by Pablo Palacio.

With the instruments of photography, the crónica, and ethical acts of reading, interpreting, and narrating, we follow the tale of a narrator who is out to solve the murder of a vagabond named Ramírez whose death is presumed to be caused by being kicked to death due to his homosexuality. It is perhaps the first Latin American text to reference alternate sexualities. The chronicle is an investigation into the odd murder of a man, simply described as "vicious".

Presented by Kaivalya Plays in collaboration with the Embassy of Ecuador in India and supported by Instituto Cervantes Nueva Delhi.

Cast & Crew

Directed by Varoon P. Anand
Performed by Vanshika Verma, Tariq Ahmad, Sumit Kumar, Isha Khadaria, Varoon P. Anand

Production Management by Gaurav Singh
Lights, Sound & Projection Design by Gaurav Singh
Sound Operation & Production by Shakti Kumar

Performance History

Premiere: 21 November 2019

No. of Performances: 3

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