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ImprovIsAsian Festival
Our collaboration with
ImprovIsAsian Festival


Performance, Panel Discussion, Community

We are beyond excited to participate at the ImprovIsAsian online improv festival 🎉

Presented by Third World Improv & the Manila Improv Fest, the festival is a celebration of Asian improvisers and troupes from around the world. Join us and our friends from India and Asia as we put the spotlight on Improv in this part of the world 🙌

Kaivalya Plays is programming a two-hour block in the festival on August 28, Saturday - 3:00-5:00PM Indian Standard Time.

3PM | Panel - "No But, Have You Tried Yoga?”🌞
Why Mental Health Conversations are so difficult for Asians and why Improv helps

3:30PM | Panel - "Why are Indians so into Bryan Adams?"🤔
Weird stereotypes about your Indian improviser friends that might be true.

4PM | Panel - "SCREW APPROVAL" ❤️You don’t need to be like anyone else, your improv is enough

4:30PM | Show - India Improv Ensemble 🌼
India’s own fully homegrown team of improvisers from all over the country

All shows and panels will be streamed live on

Not just that, there are a ton of shows, panels, workshops and community chats with Asian improvisers from all over the world!

See the full schedule at | From Thursday 26 August until Sunday 29th August.

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