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Funes El Memorioso

Jorge Luis Borges' famous short story re-imagined for the stage.

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'Funes El Memorioso' (English: Funes The Memorious) is a mix of artistic installation and theatrical work based on the famous story by Jorge Luis Borges.

It is both a puzzle and a story. With it, we want you to ask yourself about the mysteries of memory and the advantages or disadvantages of being able to perceive everything. What would happen if we were able to memorize all the details that reality offers us? If you could remember everything, would you be happy? Or would you feel doomed? Memory, is it an incontrovertible fact or does it depend on perspective? Are they words or a sensation in the muscles? We invite you to imagine a town, where a certain Ireneo Funes lives, who remembers everything or, better said, is unable to forget anything. The narrator of the story, Jorge Luis Borges, comes to this town to visit his cousin and is fascinated by that boy who can tell the time without looking at his watch. The narrator's curiosity will lead him to get to know this boy better but will also reveal the secrets of this town, so different from what it seems at first glance.

Presented by Kaivalya Plays in collaboration with the Embassy of the Argentine Republic in India / Embassy of Argentina in India and the Instituto Cervantes New Delhi.

Cast & Crew

Directed and Adapted by Varoon P. Anand

Performed by Abhinav Kaushal, Akshita, Chetan, Chiraag Soni, Deepriya Nagi, Dravya Chawla, Gaurav Singh, Isha Khadaria, Khusbhu Sangar, Ramita Menon, Sumit Kumar, Sankhya, Tariq Ahmad, Vanshika Verma, Vidur Sehgal,

Lights Design by Gaurav Singh & Shakti Kumar
Lights Operation by Riddhi
Sound Design & Operation by Varoon P. Anand
Technical Support by Krishna Kohli
Set Design by Amrit Goyal, Akash
Backstage Management by Raashika Goel, Stuti, Nishtha

Performance History

Premiere: 21 November 2018

No. of Performances: 9

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