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Theatre Management Fellowship


In 2020 we started the Theatre Management Fellowship, a first-of-its-kind training initiative focused on strategic management and creative administration in the field of theatre.


The first cohort received close to 90 applications from across India. The shortlisted Fellows hailed from 5 different cities of India and belonged to multiple disciplines.

Our Workshops & Training Modules

Since 2012, Kaivalya Plays has worked with schools, colleges, cultural institutions and corporates to offer a wide-ranging series of training and development opportunities. These include theatre workshops, storytelling sessions, skill-building initiatives and more. We are able to tailor all our offerings to the unique needs and demands of every partner we associate with.


Exploring Emotions through Theater

Use theater techniques to explore and understand complex emotions. This module creates a safe space for participants to delve into their feelings, express themselves creatively, and gain insights into managing their emotions effectively for better mental health.


Empowerment through Role Play

Utilize role-playing to empower participants to navigate challenging situations. This module encourages participants to step into different roles and scenarios, helping them build assertiveness, communication skills, and self-confidence for better mental health.


Improv for Social Anxiety and Self-Esteem

Target social anxiety and self-esteem challenges with improv. This module provides a supportive environment for participants to practice social interactions, develop self-assurance, and build social skills, fostering better mental well-being.


Laughter Yoga and Improv for Joyful Living

Combine the laughter of yoga with the spontaneity of improv for a module that uplifts spirits and promotes joy. Participants engage in laughter-inducing improv activities that release endorphins, reduce stress, and contribute to overall mental well-being.


Mind-Body Connection through Improv

Explore the mind-body connection through improv exercises. This module focuses on using physicality and emotions in improv to foster self-awareness, manage stress, and promote a harmonious mind-body relationship for improved mental health.


Conflict Resolution Training Session

Participate in a practical conflict resolution training session that provides strategies for navigating disagreements, managing emotions, and finding mutually beneficial solutions. This workshop empowers participants to foster a harmonious work environment and productive collaborations.


Mindful Improv: Cultivating Present-Moment Awareness

Combine mindfulness and improv to cultivate present-moment awareness. This module guides participants through improv activities that promote mindfulness, helping them manage anxiety, reduce stress, and stay grounded in the present for improved mental well-being.


The Healing Stage: Storytelling for Mental Health

Harness the power of storytelling to address mental health. This module encourages participants to share personal stories, challenges, and triumphs through theater, fostering empathy, connection, and reducing stigma around mental health issues.


Expressive Arts Therapy through Drama

Engage in expressive arts therapy using drama techniques. This module encourages participants to use drama to express emotions, release stress, and engage in cathartic self-expression, promoting emotional healing and mental health.


Finding Strength in Vulnerability

Embrace vulnerability as a source of strength using theater-based exercises. This module encourages participants to share vulnerabilities, challenges, and personal growth journeys through theater, fostering a sense of connection and emotional resilience.


Effective Communication Workshop

Engage in an interactive communication workshop that hones verbal and nonverbal skills, active listening, and concise messaging. This training session equips participants with tools to convey ideas effectively and foster clear understanding in professional interactions.


Emotional Intelligence Workshop

Delve into the world of emotional intelligence through an immersive workshop. This training session introduces participants to self-awareness, empathy, and relationship management, enhancing their ability to navigate interpersonal dynamics and lead with empathy.

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