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The Times of India: When time travel takes the stage

Last month, our Artistic Director Varoon P. Anand spoke to Saranya Chakrapani from the Times of India about tales inspired by science fiction on the Indian stage.

Talking about our 2012 production of a radio version of the 'War of the Worlds' as well as our 2021 interactive audio production 'Lifeline 99 99', Varoon shared about the sensorial experience of the audience and their relationship with the world outside the performance.

We also get to read about Theatre Marina's 'Never Odd or Even' that looks at re-interpreting the Ramayana in the context of modern-day technologies as well as Bangalore Little Theatre's 'The Boy With No Shadow', 'Thermos' and 'Into the Purple Sunset', the latter two exploring climate change in a post-nuclear war world.

You can read the full article on the Times of India website or download a PDF version below.

When time travel takes the stage - Times of India
Download PDF • 73KB

A big thank you to Saranya for covering our work as well as expanding the conversation about science fiction in theatre.


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