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India Today: Setting The Stage For Mental Health Awareness

Our new original production Unravel, which explores conversations around mental health in everyday lives through the lens of improvisational theatre (aka improv) was featured in Mail Today by Rewati Rau.

Here is a short excerpt from the article:


Unravel was first enacted in December 2018 at Max Mueller Bhavan, marking the centenary of the publication of Bertolt Brecht’s first play. It includes performances and settings that evoke recognition of a symptom of mental illness.

The play combines the interactive aspect of improv shows (short for improvisation) while also applying a show within a show format that depicts the germination of the idea of the show itself. A sort of mini-theatrical inception. The difference between other treatments and improv is that you are never alone when you do improv. There’s always another actor, another performer watching your back, and this creates a support group of non-judgmental friends, says Anand.

This play doesn’t draw firm conclusions about improv curing depression. We also don’t suggest improv as an alternative to therapy but, rather, as a supplement, adds Anand.

Read the full article on the India Today website here.


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