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Break A Leg: 6 Production Manager Share Their Most Amusing Backstage Stories

In Break A Leg's ( latest feature by Priyanshi Jain, our production manager Gaurav Singh (@gauravnijjer) shares the bizzare linguistic challenges of stage managing a Spanish language play in Spain.

In July last year, our sister company El Clavileño travelled to Spain to perform at AlmagroOFF (@festivaldealmagro), the world's largest classical theatre festival.

Looking back at his experience, Gaurav adds "As the production manager, one of the things I looked after was the technical coordination of the lights/sound design with the venue staff, all of whom spoke only Spanish! I remember looking up Spanish words for spotlight, downstage, fade, focus and other stage-related terms the night before but blanked out completely on the day! Since I knew the basics of the language, I was able to communicate with the staff with the help of my directors and we were able to put on a fabulous show, in spite the logistical (and linguistic!) challenges that came up."

The feature by also features intriguing backstage stories by other production managers like Toral Shah (@teeshainsta@qtpindia), Saatvika Kantamneni (@saatvikanta), Niloufer Sagar (@nilousagar), Avafrin Mistry (@avafrin) and Sridhar Prasad (@dramanon_bengaluru). This gives a glimpse that the drama off-stage is just as much as the one on-stage!

Read the full article on the Break A Leg website here.


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