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The Citizen: Will The Curtain Rise Again?

Kaivalya Plays was featured on today's edition of The Citizen, where our production manager Gaurav Singh Nijjer shares about the immense possibilities of the new 'normal' of theatre we find ourselves in and the outsized reach of the online medium for emerging practictioners.

Here is a short excerpt from the article:


Navigating in a similar uncertainty is one of independent collectives based in Delhi, Kaivalya Plays, that doubles as an improv theatre group. Gaurav Singh Nijjer, the group’s Production Manager stated, “Though human interaction and cultural exchange is paramount to the theatre, the post-COVID world will drive artists to push the boundaries of staging a drama and reimagine the conventional audience-performer relationship.”

Kaivalya Plays, along with the OddBird Theatre and Foundation, has found a new stage on Zoom and is regularly staging, rehearsing gigs, and conducting acting workshops on the platform. Venturing into the virtual space is reportedly becoming a lucrative coping mechanism.

“With the advent of the digital boom, independent theatre groups like ours feel positive and excited about prospects that the virtual theatre is offering,” Nijjer told The Citizen.

“A theatre workshop that used to happen in a physical space in Delhi is now expanding its audience base and is being attended by artists from pan-India and garnering buyers from Germany, Spain, and the UK, as well. Theatre groups often lament the lack of visibility that they have, but the online space is proving to be a great equalizer in that aspect,” he said.


The article also features our friends Tadpole Repertory as they envision some of the risks of returning to physical spaces. We thank Raghav for giving voice to our musings and also thank every single patron who continue to support the performing arts in these unprecedented times.

Read the full article on The Citizen website here.
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