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The Hindu: What Is Happening At The Fifth Edition of Gender Bender?

We're proud to share that our new theatre production Aguebao was featured in today's edition of The Hindu Bangalore, along with other grantees showcasing their work at the Gender Bender 2020.

Gender Bender is a multidisciplinary arts festivals that provokes, celebrates and hosts conversations about the changing dialogue around gender in today's society. The festival is conceptualized and executed by Sandbox Collective, and supported by the Goethe-Institut Bangalore. Here is a short excerpt from the article about our piece Aguebao:


‘Aguebao’ by Varoon P Anand and Gaurav Singh

“The action of Aguebao takes place through the conversations of two cis-gendered men somewhere in cyberspace, struggling with the concept of modern masculinity,” says Varoon. “Aguebao is derivative of the derogatory Latin-American slang curse “Ahuevado”, which is, literally, to describe someone as an egg (huevo). The egg does not move, does not react, does not actively get involved or participate in anything and yet, is life. The invocation of calling someone “Aguebao” is a plea to action or realization.”


Here is a short video wherein Varoon P. Anand and Gaurav Singh share the journey behind the project.

Read the full article on The Hindu website here.


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