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The Hindu: Old World Theatre Festival; Raising Contemporary Issues

We're happy to share that our new play Unravel, which explores mental health through improv theatre, will be the opening act for the Old World Theatre Festival 2019 organized by the Indian Habitat Centre in New Delhi, India.

We were featured in this short preview by Shrinkhla Sahai of the different performances happening at the festival this year and the subject areas they seek to tackle.

Here is an excerpt from the article:


The other opening act is an Improv theatre production that has garnered much attention in the Capital recently. Directed by Varoon Anand, “Unravel” is an interactive theatre production bringing experiences with mental health and wellness to the fore.

Reflecting on their journey, Gaurav Singh, core team member of Kaivalya Plays and one of the players on stage, says, “During the show, we use the language of improv to recognise and highlight our journey with mental health. It's interesting that every time I've taken to stage, I find the show evolving with every audience member who shares the evening with us. As performers, we prepare ourselves to be at our most vulnerable and honest selves but very quickly, we realised we need to take care of our audience too and decided to bring on-board a consultant dramatherapist. The intent has always been to initiate a conversation about mental health in a non-taboo manner and now, we feel like we’re getting started in the right direction.”

Read the full article on The Hindu website here.


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