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St. Mary's School Delhi
Our collaboration with
St. Mary's School Delhi


Workshop, Facilitation, Teacher Training

In August 2020, we held an Improv for Mental Health session with and for the senior class teachers of St. Mary's School Delhi. We would like to commend the teaching and administration staff of St. Mary's for leading the movement in destigmatizing the conversation around mental health. Teachers from all over the country tuned in for a 1.5 hour session that shared:

👍 "Saying, yes" - Acknowledge thers and listen to create a safe environment to share. We don't have to agree with everything but we can acknowledge that we have heard what was said. That's a good start.

🌅 "I love it" - When someone tells you an idea, don't immediately start asking questions and criticizing it. Try seeing the value of their statment and building on it. See how far you go together.

➕ "Problem solving" - Improv creates urgency. When urgency is created we become alert and have to work with others in the room to solve a problem. Something as simple as coming up with a name for our group or a secret handshake. Improv brings to light what issues the person who can't get involve faces but is shy to express, such as when the language is an issue. Don't ignore it. Solve the problem together, you can!

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